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I'm nigel from jamaica what shuold i do?

I’m Nigel from Jamaica and I’m not getting any sails, why is that ? help me please

Think locally. Find friends, family members that need your service. You need to get 1 completed sell with 100% feedback to get your gig off the ground. People don’t want to be the first buyer.

I wonder who got any sails here on fiverr. :smiley:

Leaving the jokes aside, take a look over the numerous threads here on the forum, you’ll find a whole bunch of tips and information you can use towards fiverr success.

Improve your GIG. Take an idea from the similar gigs of other highly rated sellers.

Once you have improved your gig, then patience is the key. You’ll surely get you work one day. And once you get the first order, do it with passion and get a good feedback.

Hi Nigel,

I am originally from Trinidad and here is my tip for you. Please note that I mean this in a very polite way. You should use proper grammar and correct spelling in your gig descriptions.

Also, for your gigs where you will hold a sign or wear a t-shirt then if possible add that you can do it at the beach or with a coconut or something local to Jamaica. There are lots of sign holding gigs, try to make yours unique so that customers will come to you.

Best of luck,