I'm no magician!


Like some of you have mentioned before, some buyers carry on as if they’re paying 1000’s of dollars. My goodness 90% of the content on fiverr is a Major Bargain, anywhere else they’d be charged ten times more!

I’m an illustrator and although I state clearly that I need large high resolution images of people they need illustrated I still get some goons giving me a blurry blob and then aren’t happy with my work samples. I’m just saying, I don’t do magic!

Anyone else experienced this?


I get lots of people who contact me about things like my tiny figurines wanting me to make full-sized dolls or some such. I have to politely tell them that that simply isn’t within the realm of my abilities, and certainly not for the price I’m asking.


There seem to be two distinct kinds of buyers on Fiverr.

Those who are so deeply bargain hunting that they’re looking to squeeze out of someone every ounce they can for as little as possible…


Those who are looking for hidden treasures (perhaps at a bargain even for life) but more importantly, they’re looking to “Find those hidden treasures” for a small test investment and then are willing to pay full and fair value AFTER a proven test.

I set up my business to sort for the LATTER.

If you want to make a pearl necklace, you have to shuck a lot of oysters!


Reply to @anarchofighter:

There are a number in the first category but you can spot them coming a mile off. They usually message you before placing an order and ask for something which is far beyond what your gig states. One of the most outrageous ones, and I’ve had some, was where I was asked if I could make a video advertising some educational offering. It soon became very apparent they wanted it for a company to use in an advertising campaign and even asked me if I could get some actors to appear in it, yes seriously.

The people in the second category I go out of my way to help and over deliver for as you can be sure they will be repeat customers and keep coming back for more.


Reply to @markp: I go out of my way for the ones in the second category too. I don’t usually do free samples as I have the work online that I can point people to but one buyer wanted to order a large amount with my extra fast gig option and wanted a small sample on the work that I would do before risking the large amount. I didn’t mind doing that since I was guaranteed the work. I did get the work and then the buyer came back again :slight_smile: definitely worth the short sample.

Usually I get asked for samples before the buyer gives me details and then don’t hear from them (presumably because they realise they won’t get an article for free from me).


I tell ya, I’m to the point where I’m going to put a re-work limit on my book trailer gig. People don’t realize the amount of time I have to spend on what they think is a “small change”. Nine times out of ten, the change they want doesn’t really make or break the video, it’s just their preference.

One person kept changing their mind about one element in the video, but in order to get it to work the way they wanted it to, I had redo the entire video each time their preference changed.

So yeah, I’m thinking a re-work limit is about due.


Please note that there are buyers who are computer/tech illiterate. They don’t even know what’s the diff between JPG, PNG, pixels, dpi etc means… I too faced similar problem. I asked for high resolution, transparent background png image, and what I got was a 72dpi, 250x250 pixels jpg format [-(