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I'm not able to bid on any job

I’m from creativevalley9 . I’m facing a big problem , when i’m going to submit my job proposal then showing an error message and finally i’m unable to bid on any job. plz help me . I’ve contact many times to fiverr team but they are telling me their team are working on that issue but how many days it will take i don’t know. plz help me.

What error msg you recive?

plz see the attached screen shot. so you see the red circle error message.

Unccheck all offer scope (you can keep 2 or 3) , you will able to send offer.

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Try a different browser such as Edge rather than Chrome.

now i’ve done one bid without click any check box . but why ? how can understand the client if i’ll not click any check box ? plz tell me

I guess fiverr added some limit on scope for Buyer Request. You can mention your scope in text with your proposal.

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Hey! I’m facing an issue, I’m not able to send proposal to some buyers through buyer request, when i wrote all the details in my proposal and send to the buyer an error has been shown on the screen. I’ve submitted many requests to custom support service but they didn’t fix it.
Please help me if possible.