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Im not able to get customers to my gig

Hi, I have created my gig on fiverr. but not able to get customers to my gig. i do not have any ways to promote it. i cant think of any.

Here is a link:

please suggest if i can do anything

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Hello sohanthkumar,
Great, you just complete your first step. Now you have to send 10 buyer requests every day, stay active most of the time, increase your work quality. Those can help you to get the order I hope.

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@kawsarchy23 Hello, thanks for your reply!!

It may be obvious to you. As I’m a newbie, I do not know how to send buyer requests on Fiverr.

Could you please elaborate??

you should be touch in fiverr not give up. just wait for right time.

you need to send buyer request regularly and also need to active on online must fiverr, if you follow this i hope you will found a better result…thank you

At first Click #More than #Buyer request. and now you will see the buyer request page. If you have more gigs then you will be able to see more buyer request and it will show through the gig category. If you someone post a buyer request related in your gig category then it will show in your buyer request page. for new-seller, buyer request showing certainly so you have to refresh this page every five min later. then you will see new buyer requests if they post. and now read the request and submit your proposal. and most important don’t copy past every proposal. read every post and send them your popular what they want. I hope it will help you to get order.
Thank you.