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I'm not able to send custom milestone offers

Okay so yesterday, a new client approached me and asked me to send her a custom offer for social media content but she said she won’t be able to send me all the post info at once, so she requested me to extend the delivery time to 7 days so that she could send me the information gradually but I’m guessing she didn’t knew that once I deliver the first delivery, the order will be marked as delivered and after three days it will also be marked as complete. So I thought of using the ‘Milestone Delivery’. I sort of explained her that it would be better if we did this ‘Milestone delivery’ thing and I deliver her in 3 installments, so she agreed. But the problem began when I filled up all the necessary details like the offer amount and delivery time etc, and I clicked on send, I couldn’t see no custom offer in the chat box. so I even refreshed the page, still no offer can be seen. So I sent the offer again and then again. But nothing was reaching her, nor could I see any offers sent. So I told her that maybe there’s any bug or something and had to send her the normal offer.

So I don’t know if this is a bug or the beta testing isn’t working. That’s why I thought of sharing this issue on forum… If anyone faced the same issue or has any solution to this, I would appreciate if you comment down bellow.

Thanks :slight_smile:

What was the amount of the milestone offer you were trying to send? Milestone offers can only be sent if the amount is $100 or higher. I think you should contact CS if you think it is some kinda bug.

Also, you said your customer wanted to send the order requirements gradually (and so, they wanted you to extend the order delivery time so that you had enough time to work on them). In my opinion, you can still use the normal custom offer. You can wait until the customer sends you all the required files and you finish working on all of them before you send the delivery in the end.

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Ohh Thanks, I didn’t knew the offer amount should be more than $100.
Mine was $50. So maybe that’s the reason… But Fiverr should clearly mention that you won’t be able to send milestone offers for less than $100 :frowning:

Yes I did it like that only… and it worked. But I think the milestone offer should be available for all the offers. Maybe one day it will :slight_smile:

Anyways, thanks for your reply. :relaxed:

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I just looked, and they do state it clearly.

However, I tried Milestones once, and I was not too fond of it because you do not receive the payment until all steps are completed. I would instead send separate offers and get paid at the end of each part of the job I finished. :wink:

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