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I'm not able to submit my delivery

I’ve tried a handful of times to submit a delivery, but I keep getting an error that says, “Invalid link”.

I’m assuming Fiverr’s having some issues at the moment?

How do I submit my delivery on time?


Can you change the format of your delivery? Is this how you usually deliver your orders?


This has happened to me when the format of the file had an apostrophe, comma etc. in the name, so if that’s the case you should re-name the file!


Hi, I managed to send a delivery in that case.
Here’s How: You have to look when the file is uploaded and that loading bar is disappeared once the file is uploaded you have 1 or 2 seconds until the snap page apears(website crashes). You have to click on deliver button in that 1 second. After that the page will snap but when you will reload the page, your work will be delivered.

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I thing you’re project size is big that why you can’t delivery

Thank you all! I figured it out!

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you can contact support,they are the only ones who can help … also there’s no need to ask the same thing again and again…

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