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I'm not copying that!


I have had some less then stellar feedback from people who want me to do logos exactly (their words, not mine) like previous logos in my portfolio. To me, that’s not right. I always offer similar but it always ends up in less then stellar feedback.

What are your thoughts on copying designs, exact? I realize it’s a low price tag, but that just seems not right to me… but maybe I am overthinking it. Love to hear your feedback.


It would be the same thing if a client asked me to give him an article I had written for someone else. I suppose it is different if your portfolio sample is just that- a sample, and not something a client had paid for. In which case, it would be a clear copyright infringement since the client owns the rights to the logo in question.


It’s not. it’s a purchase sample, one that appears after the buyer leaves feedback but I have also had people as for the main sample… which at one point was a purchased logo. It just doesn’t seem right to me to sell the same one over and over.


If a client wants something, and your ethics doesn’t allow you to do it (which I find perfectly fine, I also wouldn’t sell the same design to several buyers), I’d just cancel the order. If you proceed to do it, but not in the way the client wants, you risk getting a bad review.

The truth is that the buyer doesn’t care about your ethics, at least when he’s not the aggrieved party, he just wants to get what he asked for, and if he doesn’t, he may rate accordingly.


If a logo you created is technically owned by someone else, I agree that you shouldn’t start zipping out exact copies of someone else’s logo, as that would put you in a position of violating their copyright, even if you technically created the original.

What I suggest is: Whenever a buyer places an order and expresses that they want an exact copy of another logo that someone else owns, reply that you are able to create a similar logo in color and style, for example, but because another entity owns the logo, you cannot offer an exact copy, as that would be in violation of copyright, and you certainly don’t want your buyer to potentially get into legal trouble for using another entity’s logo. (Maybe making your message more about concern for your buyer’s legal situation rather than your own rightful trepidations would soften the blow.)

Then, if the buyer doesn’t convey that they understand this and confirm that they do indeed expect a similar style logo rather than an exact copy, I say simply cancel the order. That way, your conscious can rest easy. Plus, you won’t be wasting anymore time trying to convince your buyer that an exact logo just can’t be done or dealing with poor feedback.

Your gigs look super artful and beautiful, though, so I say focus on your already stellar reputation! I’m always so impressed by people who can create such beautiful visuals out of, essentially, a blank screen! Meanwhile, my greatest artistic achievement was a particularly abstract finger painting in the first grade. :wink:


Reply to @nickih: This is normally what I do but the last two people agreed to a :“like” logo and then left me satisfactory feedback. It’s sort of frustrating but what can you do.