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I'm not getting any buyer request

Hello there.
I’m facing something unusual :sob:
Why I’m not getting any Buyer Request from the last few days?
After being active in Fiverr. :sob:
I really don’t know why it’s happening :upside_down_face:


Hello [samiha_niad076]
Hope you are doing well. You need to keep refreshing the page again and again after every 1-2 minutes. Your problem will be solved. Good Luck! Thanks!

I do refresh the page but it didn’t work :upside_down_face:

I also have not recieved any buyer request till now. Also, i checks the buyer request after every some minutes but unfortunately, No result.:slightly_frowning_face:

I don’t know what’s going on with me.
I created my gig after did lots of research for keywords with proper SEO and also mentioned proper keywords in my gig, but, No result.:slightly_frowning_face:

Every tip i already followed here but, No result.:slightly_frowning_face:

In last 5 days, only 12 impressions and 1 click came. I felt very helpless and depressed by doing so much hard work but, No result.:slightly_frowning_face:

Any experienced person or new beginner please give me some clear & concise tips and tricks that how to gain more clicks, views and impressions and how to rank my gig.