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I'm not getting any click and view and order last 3 days

I have completed 14 jobs within 1 and a half months. But in the last 3 days, I don’t get any clicks and views and also knocks from the buyer…
every day it falls down so plz anyone helps me to find out the problems and help me to improve my Gig plz
here is my link:
Any kinds of suggestions are well appreciable…Thanks

I say that’s pretty understandable considering how competitive this is on Fiverr. How would people discover you? Have you researched to see how many sellers offer what you sell? It’s astronomical.

yes I have but all was ok 3 days earlier what is happened within these days?

That’s the nature of competition and algorithms. Sometimes they affect you more than others. It doesn’t mean something “happened.”

This is the risk when you have a super competitive gig. You’re entirely dependent on the algorithm favoring you in order to be discovered. If you did something less competitive, this would be less of an issue.

so what should I do now?
Is there any solutions for that?

Research and make gigs that don’t have extreme competition. Improve your skills.