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I'm not getting any clicks!

Hi folks!

I joined Fiverr about 5 days ago and I haven’t gotten any clicks! Anything you can suggest? :frowning:



maybe you need to research more about gig SEO and keywords , beside that you may also wait for 2-3 days and let’s see if there any click or not . do check if your gig between first 10 pages . best luck


First point I’d like to make: I’d say that most who join Fiverr don’t get their first order within 5 days, nor remotely close to that. It took me about 3 months before I secured my first order, and then another 2 months after that before I had a steady stream of clients. This takes time, and doesn’t happen overnight, but working to improve your gigs can help this.

Second, you only have one gig, and I can’t really find anything eye-catching about it. You’re shooting yourself in the foot by only having one gig, not to mention it’s for traditional drawing rather than digital. Unless your work is stellar and you have a fantastic scanner, going the traditional route really isn’t helping much. Your images aren’t exactly crisp in quality, and when lumped in with the loads of other artists on Fiverr, there’s really no incentive to choose you over them.

It’s really all about trying to provide a gig that others will want, and at this point I would really advise you to try out digital and make as many gigs as possible. That’ll give you a better chance of securing a client, and moving up from there.


this is actually very insightful! thank you so much, I appreciate it and I’ll definitely look into it! :slight_smile: