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I'm not getting any order from last 5 days

Hi, I’m facing a problem for the last 5 days and the problem is I’m not getting orders. Now, I’m really frustrating. Everything was fine I got my 1st order on 21st April and receiving almost order a day. 11 Orders in 11 days. But the last 5 days are dark days for me and don’t want to have more dark days. I’m using buyer requests properly writing every request with full concentration, no template, or copy-paste. But a problem actually I’m thinking that could be a problem that most of my orders are custom orders.
All clients are happy and satisfied with my work, I have a 5-star rating. Even 4 out of 7 buyers gave me 2nd Order because they are satisfied with 1st one. And not only this they told me that they are going to hire me anytime they need.

This is my profile:

Please guide where I’m doing wrong

Screenshot of my orders is attached:

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Im sorry to hear this! I only have one order right now, what would be some tips you would of given someone 6 days ago. Maybe try to reorganize and use those tips again :slight_smile:

I’m going with same strategy from day 1 to now because this was working well but I don’t now why it’s not working now

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What kind of services do you provide? Do you use social media such as Instagram to promote?

You can check my profile… I’m giving photoshop services. I’m experienced in this field.
Yes I use Facebook and twitter for promotion purposes but I’m not getting any response from their. Because for now I’m using free promotion techniques

Nothing is guarantee when it comes to freelancing especially on Fiverr. You can not predict your future orders based on your previous stats. There are way too many things to factor in. Sometimes Fiverr gives new sellers a boost in the ranks. Maybe the demand for your service is dying down. Maybe the competition is offering better deals. Maybe a few sellers updated their previous gigs and made them more eye catching. In the grand scheme of things, 5 days isn’t very long to go without an order.

Yes some way you are right but my gigs are on 1st page obviously on targeted keyword. Even though are on bottom of the 1st page.

Being on the first page doesn’t guarantee you an order though, however it does mean you’ll be on the same page with tougher competition.

You’ll be fine. Take this time to look over your gigs. Maybe you can find ways to improve them.

Thanks for guidance. Surely I’m going to implement these :innocent::blush:

I’m not sure that doing mostly custom orders affects how the algorithm treats you/ranks you.

This could be a total coincidence, but I find I tend to get automatic orders soon after I deliver/complete a custom order. I’ve never noticed a relationship there.

Remember the “remove background” market is extremely crowded and it could be total luck that you just happened to rank well despite all of the competition. Fiverr gigs change in the ranking all of the time and this wouldn’t hurt you so much if there weren’t literally dozens of thousands of sellers selling the exact same thing as you.

So it’s a wonder you were successful given that competition and I think you should be glad about having done so well. Why not let another needle shine in the haystack? Fiverr doesn’t owe it to you to favour you over them. You haven’t mentioned your competition and I’m not sure you’re even aware of it.

If you want regular sales, sell something that has high demand but low competition. Don’t be frustrated/annoyed that being a needle in haystack is starting to work against you because you decided to do that. It’s on you.

Yes of course I know background removal is very crowded. Actually I searched about it and found a keyword where competition is low. Keyword I’m targeting is showing only 1200 gigs when directly searched on Fiverr. So among those 1200 my gig is on 1st page obviously on that particular keyword. You described everything so well surely that’s going to help me. More over I’ve just started on Fiverr and obviously I don’t know so much about which service has more demand and also less competition. But Now I have found few such services and I’m firstly working on them and creating my portfolio once I’ll done I’ll start working on those services. Thanks for your suggestion, it’s really helpful. :innocent:

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Thanks for the compliment.

1200 is still super, super crowded and you have no way to prove how many sellers actually use that query to find what they’re looking for. This is why the gig itself needs to have low competition, not just the keyword.

Oh, now I got your point and I’ll do deep research now. I’ll try my best to find such topic. Less crowded more demanding. Once again thank you

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You’re welcome. It’s MUCH easier to research your competition for gigs than to research your competition for buyers… You can’t really do the latter on Fiverr.

In any case, it’s always best to avoid being a needle in a haystack.

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i guess you got your suggestion…all the best bro for your future

yes I got, thank you

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