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I'm not getting any order ! :(


what should i do ?! please i need some help ! :frowning:

Help me,, to get order

Do you want other sellers to place an order? :neutral_face:


yes ! sure i’ve been two weeks on fiverr with no orders at all


Hello there,
Most of us here are sellers like you :slight_smile:
Moreover, you just started (I am newbie too), so be patient and Share your gig to social media.
Send offers to buyer request. getting first order is really hard!
try your best… good luck :slight_smile:


Asking other sellers to place orders it’s against fiverr TOS.
Rather you can try following:

  1. Optimize Gig title, description and tags
  2. Add more and best at portfolio
  3. Send buyer requests


Now he/she said it! :sweat_smile:


Just placed an order. I need some research done : )
Great deal!


Don,t frustered. Past 3 week I have no order.But I am so happy this day one order also delevered.So increase your confidence level.


I’m not going to lay it on you heavy, cause I’m in a jolly mood. But, if you expect other hard-working business owners, freelancers, competitors to buy gigs from you, just because you haven’t had any orders. You are sorely mistaken, good luck with that bud!

Take some time out of your day/night to read helpful articles :star:


A lot of Thanks your


Hi Bro,
Welcome to the fiverr,
Getting success is not what you can do in few days or few months. It needs consistent work, steady mind…
Before starting any work, you have to plan for full concentration about that job. otherwise you will loose the job along with the hope.
As seller having some experience, i must say that you have to make your gig attractive. Send offers daily to the relevant buyer requests. you will get order…

Good Luck!


i didn’t understand what do you mean by fiverr TOS ?


OH thanks bro i appreciate that :smiley:


i’m tryin to :slight_smile: thanks :smiley:


Terms of Services :slight_smile:


ok thanks for the advice :slight_smile:


Its Fiverr Terms Of Service, please take your time to read these.

Also i’ve added few suggestions for you in previous comment.


Well, I wouldn’t do it “just cuz”. You actually have the gig I was looking for at the price I was looking for. I just filled out the order, let me know what you think.


My pleasure, and welcome to Fiverr, its a great place, just keep it going.


thanks bro :smiley: i started to know a little bit more about gigs and how they get delivered :slight_smile: