Im not getting any order



Im not getting any order. Please help.



Help you how? Be specific, please.


Im not getting any order??
what do i do


That is what Im sayinng…Im not getting any order…please help!!


Not getting order is really annoying but it also tells you that there is something missing which needs to be in place . Here are very specific tips to get your first order :

  • Complete your profile
  • Be specific in your gigs
  • Don’t miss the $5 tag from your gig
  • Offer something realistic and enough for $5
  • You can make more than one gigs
  • Promote your gigs on Facebook , twitter etc to your friends so that your first buyer may be your some nice friend with a nice review :wink:

Hope it will work for you ,
Best of Luck !!:slight_smile:


It is up to you to get orders. Fiverr does not guarantee them. You can read, learn and work hard like other successful sellers.

I don’t know what other help to offer to your demand at this time.


How can I promote my gig on facebook