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I'm not getting any sales anymore. What do I do?

I have excellent gigs and give a lot of services. My descriptions, titles, etc., are amazing in my opinion but I have stopped getting sales. I got some sales in the beginning but they’ve stopped. What do I do to start getting sales? This is my main source of income and my gig ratings are all solid 5 stars.

Sales come and go, I’ve had days with 6, even 10 sales, and days with 1 or no sales. I would recommend you 3-day delivery standard on all your gigs. “I will do this in 3 days for $5.” Timeliness attracts people, but don’t offer 24-hour delivery unless you can do it.

As I see you have like 10 orders in last month so I think it is not so bad. If you expect more you should try to promote it somehow. There are a lot of design workers here on fiverr so it is probably not so easy to find you.

Other than that, if you are doing design works then try to do some design works not very good covered on fiverr and offer more gigs.