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I'm not getting any views on my gig

I’ve recently published a gig, even though the description and gig title all seem fine to me but I haven’t even got a single view or click.
Can anyone help.
Thanks in advance


hi there! Have patience. You’ll get there.

Find Tips on the forum section so that you can get views.

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Thanks for the reply and advice!!

@cocoparkk You’re welcome. Have patience and don’t loose hope. Have a good journey!


Yes, we all are facing all of these. Don’t know how people got clients and get the project on long term basis. Lol

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Yeah was thinking the same thing, maybe there profiles have got something that we don’t have.

Btw I have started getting views now, thanks for the motivation.

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which things ? I don’t think so

Don’t know, but it has to be something, fiverr is not biased. Moreover I think competition has relatively increased in recent years on fiverr, which wasn’t like that before.

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Please full fill all of the information. You just use One image and a short description. This is not right. Your service is 2D animated explainer video. But nobody can trust that you are expert in this section. Please try to use a video in gig and also use 3 image. Choose the right keywords and explained in details about your service in description section. Hopefully you will get the better output.

Thank you.

The video is in process, fiverr has not approved it yet.
Thanks for the advice thou.

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