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I'm not getting high fiverr statistics

Hello, Fiverrers. Please, I need help with my gigs. Let me give a background story first. I registered my account in 2013 but the device I had then was too low to operate fiverr. So, I forgot about Fiverr along the line. About two months ago, a friend introduced me to Fiverr. While I was registering with my email, I was notified that I already have an account. I just requested for a password reset after seeing that. I was shocked when I discovered I registered the account as far back as 2013. I was afraid this will affect buyers view of me but I still continue with the account. I have made some sales so far and I got to level 1 some days ago. Now, the issue I have is that I am not improving with my statistics and hence, no organic orders. 90% of my sales so far have come from buyer’s request. My views, impressions, clicks etc are not increasing. It is still as though I’m a new seller. I’ve seen sellers with thousands of all these stats while none of mine has ever reached 500. Since I got to level one, I have not gotten any order which is contrary to the common believe that orders increase as you move to higher levels. Please, help check my gigs and tell me what I need to improve. I really want this Fiverr to work for me and I have put in a lot of time, effort and money to develop it. Please, help.


There are gigs that will help to analyze and improve your gigs and that will be a great investment.

Okay. I’ll check them out.

I believe Fiverr rotates the gigs in the search. That is the only way they can support 1000 sellers offering what you offer. I also believe that the search engine promotes gigs that should be a good fit for the customer searching. What could this be based on? Likes, number of orders, higher customer rating, delivering on time, having orders in your queue. This is just a guess but it would make sense. Fiverr is trying to create a great buyer experience.

I would also think that they would expose your gig more when you first launch to help the new gig. I remember after a few weeks the traffic and inquiries did slow alittle. Also, are buyers that will give new gigs a try because they know typically that the seller is working really hard to get the gigs off the ground. These orders can be some real bargains for the buyers.

I think the hill you need to focus on is getting over 100 orders on 1 single offer. This was the point that primed my gigs. It gave me about 60 reviews and I really saw momentum at that point.

You can get real people outside of Fiverr - people you know - to order your gig. This may be the best way to get momentum more quickly.

I would suggest using a voice over on your intro video to show off your script writing when used with a final video project. The current script for your intro video sounds like a typical description…want to get higher conversions?..what to make more sales…want to engage your audience…Then you need a great script. I am not sure how to correct this. I am not a script writer. I think in your case, it might be better to have 2 or three examples of scripts you have written. Not necessarily a script for your fiverr gig. Good Luck!


@landongrace Thank you for the reply. I made the videos myself. I will write new scripts and hire a voice-over artist soon. Thanks.

Hello, in start I was also facing the same issues, after that most of the time I stayed online and respond to buyers immediately. Now I am geeting good response.

I have to keep the faith. I hope things get better soon. Thank you all for your response.