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I'm not getting impressions

Hey, I’m new on fiverr. I create my account on fiverr 4 days ago. I got 50 views and 47 clicks in just 73 impressions in 4 days. I think the ratio of clicks and views to impressions is good. My question is that the clicks and views are due to impressions but I’m not getting enough impressions.

Thanks and I’m waiting for your replies.

my gig link

Hey, the impressions will increase you just have to wait and keep sharing you gig on social media and responding to buyer requests !

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I mean that seems great to me, that means the click through rate is pretty high. So a lot of people were interested in checking out you gig. From my understanding impressions are simply if someone passes by your gig. clicks and views are when people actually check out the gig. So lets say someone lands on the page that has my gig, I get an impression, then they click on my gig, and after that they view the gig for a certain duration of time, at this point your gig should sell itself to the potential customer. That’s why you need to keep improving your gig, especially in today’s very competitive market.

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You can share your gig on social media .

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Thanks guys for the reply
My question was that is 73 impressions normal in 4 days?

Best of luck .Go ahead

Share your gigs social media platform

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Is this the only way for getting impressions?