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I'm Not Getting Much Impressions On My Profile

Hi There Can Anyone Help Me To Get More Click And Impressions
I Just Did Seo To My Gigs
And you Can Also Check My Profile


there is many topic created about it.


Hello i think you will find this helpful

Good luck
Maria S.


You might want to avoid capitalizing every word. The only place I see this on your profile is in your subtitle: “Fear Is Temporary But Success Is Permanent.” The words ‘is’ and ‘but’ should be all lower case.
Can I ask why you chose that quote? It sounds good, but it’s false.

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Can you explain how it’s false?

Think of any professional sports player. At the highest level, I would say each and every one of them has obtained success. Then a career-ending injury happens. That success, everything they’ve worked towards, is gone.

To get impressions you should create gig fiverr SEO friendly. I have a question: What is it the success for you?