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I'm not getting my gig in search result

I’m not getting my gig in search result , I have completed more than 200 order, I’m level 2 seller , there is any one please help me about this issue ? How can I get my gig in search result ?

Thank you


It’s probably due to Fiverr’s Gig Rotation system.

Or you may have edited something in your Gig.

Either way, you drop out of the search results for a short period of time and will return.

With Gig Rotation, Fiverr moves Gigs around to make exposure fair for all users (there are millions here).

With Gig edits, Fiverr takes time to approve the changes then you show up again in searches.

It happens to all of us.


Yes , I understand , but I didn’t edited my gig bro , what is the issue , can you please explain briefly ?

Is your gig completely absent from the search results? If so, follow the steps in this post to check if your gig is active and visible in the search results: For everyone whose gigs aren’t showing up in the search reuslts

Or is your gig just ranked lower then before? If so, then it’s probably due to gig rotation as @looseink said.