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I'm not getting order from my gig

I work with logo design. I received an order in my Gig 2 months ago. My buyers have been very happy to get the job. Now I don’t get any orders from buyers. I would have benefit a lot from your help.
My Gig link :


Over of all,the virus situation decrease the job flow

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I do professional social media kits. Just put my gig up. Here’s the link:
Hope you check it out, thanks!

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Dear, Don’t worry. try more & increase your skill. I hope you will be get more jobs very soon.


Edit your tag and preview top-ranking gigs!!!
Active all time and send buyer request!!

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i used to get over 20 orders every month but from two months hardly getting any order. Here is the link to my gig

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I and many others are in the same problem. Can’t get any orders. Waiting will be something good. :smiley:

Keep working hard, one day success will come.

Hi, same problem is for many of us but we must keep trying. There is one thing I would like to tell you that upload a professional profile picture. The picture you have uploaded it does not seem professional.

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