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I'm not getting orders help me

Hey everyone! I did a lot of work on my gigs I made many changes and my impressions and clicks increased, I received 3 messages from clients, but they didn’t put orders. I don’t understand where is the problem I have +150 impressions on my gigs and ~ 10 clicks. Can anyone check ( again :dizzy_face:) and spot some mistakes :roll_eyes:
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Thank y’all

Find Yourself lucky that you received 3 messages from users. When I started, I received my first order after 5 months and for $5 only. Give it some time, read forum members tactics that they used, some organic marketing and other possible stuff that you can do. Creating a gig is not enough to get orders.


you have to be patient and instead of just waiting, you can improve your profile by taking the online Fiverr class and test. that might help. I got my first order by doing that and paid $16.but without review. well, i am still working on to reach more customers. good luck!

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It is if it is a standout gig that is attractive, well designed, clear in details and expectations, competitively priced, in demand, and realistic in what will be delivered.

Patience and luck also play a part, but having a well made and appealing gig may be absolutely enough to potentially attract orders.