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I'm not getting sale

Hello everyone,
I’m new on fiverr. I have much experience in Graphic Design. After researching deeply I created another gig. Regularly I share my gig in social medias. I tried to follow all necessary steps while creating the gig. But I didn’t get any sale yet. I can’t find any specific reason that why I’m not getting any order. I need experts suggestions. Would you please help me in this regard after checking my gig.

My gig :


Keep marketing in social site

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I think you should keep trying, I had to wait THREE months to get my first order, but I promoted my services on social networks, sent all the offers I could and in them showed the best of me, you have to inspire and show your talent to its full potential, so that everyone can see that they can trust you and that you will get the results they want. At first it is VERY difficult, since nobody knows you and you have to make an effort to make yourself known, after that many will want to work with you and if you dedicate more, after a few years you will have your Gig full of orders in WAIT. It’s amazing, isn’t it? :star_struck: To get there you must love your work and learn from every mistake you make.

The best of luck,
Samuel Aaron :wink:


Yes, you’re absolutely right. Thank you so much for your motivation. I’ll definitely give my best effort :blush:

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Okay. Thank you so much @godofadobe

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