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I'm not getting the "Bestseller Badge" on my GIG

The “Bestseller TAG” is given after getting the first job in the new gig of a new account, but in my gig, I completed 3 orders with 2 reviews, I haven’t got the “best seller TAG” yet.

And this is my second account, the previous account is being deleted for some reason. I had no problem with my previous account, I got the “Best Seller TAG” when I’m completely finished first order.

Check the screenshot -
Check my profile -

Maybe it was because your previous account was deleted?

I’ve reported a bug to them about the “best seller” tag. Mine’s showing the wrong gig as the best seller so they’re probably still working on trying to fix it which might be something to do with why yours isn’t showing anything at all for it.

You could try logging out and back in again or deleting cookies/trying another browser. If things like that don’t work you could report it to Fiverr, though like I said I already reported a similar issue.

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Of fiverr banned your first account you are not allowed to open second account and sooner or later fiverr will catch you and ban you.