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I'm Not Happy! Someone has ruined my perfect rating by giving a thumbs down!

I’m Not Happy!! Someone has ruined my perfect rating by giving a thumbs down!!!

I delivered the order in 1.5 hours, exactly as described, the person gave no reason for being unhappy, i have offered to do anything to help and make them happy, give them free product, anything they want, no reply, nothing, just a “Thumbs Down” which has ruined my 100% rating!!! NOT HAPPY!!!

It might not help, but maybe contact CS. There’s no reason for the thumbs down, you delivered as described, they did not state why they rated you down, it’s just there…that’s seriously cruel.

Reply to @accessgirl: Thank you!

That really stinks! I’m sorry to hear that. I’d definitely contact CS. You at least deserve to know why they gave you a thumbs down (however stupid the buyer’s reason may be).

sorry to hear that

Reply to @steveeyes: Thanks Steveeyes, i know i am not the only person this has happened to but it is frustrating when i deliver perfectly, fast and offer anything to help but there is nothing i can do and this person can have an influence on my rating without even having to explain or give me the opportunity to help, it’s crazy, i just wish i could affect their rating somehow but they don’t sell anything!! lol :slight_smile:

I am so sorry this happened to you! I think that the fact he didn’t even bother to explain will show buyers he was simply being mean. Also you sell products that are not something people can find anywhere, (that I know of) so someone who wants an erotic audio story will still buy one from you. >:D<

Reply to @directwritingco: Thank you DWC :slight_smile:

Reply to @misscrystal: Thanks very much Miss Crystal for those kind words

Please let us know if CS helps you.

Hi I had the same problem with an order, there are people out there doing that to hurt your raiting! I emailed CS twice for help since last month with NO Answer!

I am still waiting for help to remove that thumbs down, the buyer do not even exists! anymore and he just came in tu hurt my raiting!! I had 100% and now not anymore, it was a very unfair situation, the job was done perfect and in a record time.