I'm not really happy here


i spent close to $30 for two low resolution jpg files and ordered a full package.
i lost money and time.
the best is, to learn by my self how to use Adobe Illustrator and create my own


It sounds like you chose the wrong sellers. There are amazing sellers here in the design and Photoshop categories. I use one of them.


Have you communicated with the seller? He or she may try to rectify the situation.


My flight was delayed again. I should probably become a pilot.
Oh wait, what if I switched airlines? :wink:

PS. Adobe Illustrator is $19.99/month. How much is your time worth to learn it?
I paid like $70+ to my last logo designer because I don’t have the skill nor time to learn it myself. It’s cheaper for me to hire someone to do it. However, give it a try and then you’ll see how much it will actually cost :wink:


Sorry to hear that the service you got, you have to contact your designer back and ask about high resolution files.


also it’s not the tools that make the artist :joy:


You can always ask a seller for revision to fix what you find not acceptable.
There is plenty of good designers and I’m one of them :smiley:
If you wish you can always contact me


Like the saying goes: “You get what you pay for” - Sometimes you get lucky and get a great deal, sometimes it doesnt work out so well! Goodluck in the future, there are definitely some great designers on here!


sorry it happened to you, have learned Illustrator or planning to learn? in the meantime, may I see the files and results your seller produced, sometimes a little tweaks makes illustration perfect…