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I'm not receiving email notifications!

Hello, after I disabled VACATION MODE, i’m not able to receive email notifications for new messages and orders updates, although i changed my email and reset it back, the problem still exists. :-??

Thank you.

I’m having the same issue. It just started for me today, and I have not changed my vacation mode settings recently. I’m thinking it is a fiverr bug that will hopefully be fixed soon. Until then, I am just checking the site regularly for new orders and updates.

Prove this:


Then look if you have Track order status,messages etc…

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Nothing in the junk mail folder as well.

Check your Spam mails! Sometimes it happens to me!

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I have no such option in my account!

I’m also having a stick notification from 2 months: "You haven’t set your profile description. Please do so"

I did million times, i saw many people having this problem too and i tried all the given solutions but non of them fixed it.

I have this same problem, I haven’t received any email notifications today. I hope they’ll fix the problem soon.

hi there tinycoder32 and snowflake11!

are your email account Yahoo?

Because I’m also not receiving emails from Fiverr to my Yahoo email.

When I made a search online, I found a news article citing that Yahoo have implemented stricter email validation to protect against spoofing and spamming I think just this week.

I don’t know the technical details but it has something to do with the email domain, etc. I hope Fiverr can address this issue.

This may or may not help some or all of your issues. Clear your cache & cookies. Sign out of Fiverr, then sign back in.

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Hello, no it is a "" email.

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Already did that with no result.

It is working for me now, i got my first email message, but what about the stick notification from 2 months: "You haven’t set your profile description. Please do so"

How to fix this please?

Don’t know what to say about THAT one, but last year I had the same notification for quite a long time, too, then it stopped. I just can’t remember when, possibly after one of my regular purges of cookies, histories & sneaky spyware that might have gotten on my computer. If it bothers you, try filing a ticket with Customer Service.

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I think that’s what i’m going to do, thanks.

I’m having major problems - literally half the time I don’t get notifications when buyers message me about updates to their orders. Additionally, I’ve had several clients tell me they aren’t getting notifications in their emails when I message them with a proof. This is extremely damaging to my ability to provide good service and it is critical that this problem be fixed!