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I'm not receiving order

hello every one …
This is my 15th day on fiverr but not receiving any order. will u check my profile and guide me about any improvement if required to received my first order. please guide me .
thanx @zile_khan

Are you doing any marketing and promotion of your gig?

First of all, don’t offer proofreading as a service. Your grammar doesn’t seem strong enough for that to be a good idea.

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yup i am doing dear … my impressions clicks and views are very gud.i have sent 75 offers yet .20 hrs online but not to avail :frowning:

Sending however many offers won’t help if the offers themselves aren’t well-written and thorough.

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I think you need to figure out what your target audience is. I like your profile but it seems very general, I myself would love to hire a virtual assistant, but I’m not very sure of what you actually offer and how it would help my business. If you focus on what value you bring your client and market accordingly, that would help you get many more orders than anything else.


i think it will be a good suggestion to my offer .thnx dear @mabelma

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First of all, don’t call me dear. It is unprofessional and inappropriate in a business setting.

Second, what kind of marketing and promotion are you doing? Sending responses to buyer requests is NOT marketing and promotion, it is merely competing for a posted job.

Third, being online constantly will not make you successful.

Who are your target customers, and where are they located? Figure this out, and you’ll be able to do actual, productive, targeted marketing. Until then, it doesn’t sound like you’re doing anything to build your business. Sitting back and waiting for random orders is not building your business.

thanks for this suggestion:neutral_face:

Good luck as you work hard to build your seller reputation, and as you reach out to your target customers.

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