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I'm not receiving the verification email on my paypal email



I have just set up my paypal email on Fiverr and I have tried to withdraw my money. The phone verification went fine, however, following that they are supposed to send me a verification email to my paypal email, which i did not receive at all. I’m very sure to have entered the correct email address and checked all my folders including Junk/Spam folder.
I have contacted the customer support.
I’m I the only user experiencing this problem? I would like to hear from other users if they do to know if its something general or I missed something :confused:



Sometimes the withdrawal confirmation email takes a bit longer to come in - it happened in the past to take up to a whole day, but there’s also a good chance for your email provider to experience some lag or other technical difficulties.

For now the only thing you can do is wait for CS’ reply and assistance.