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I'm not satisfied and he doesn't want to cancel


Recently, I was contacted that ‘MrsPanda’ was copyrighted or something, so I was no longer allowed to use it on my website or my Facebook Page. Very well. I took them down… but there went all my likes and such. :frowning:

I decided to buy a gig that guaranteed me 200 real likes. Fine. I didn’t want an obscene number, just a few to jump start my new facebook page. He delivers in 8 hours. I left positive review. An hour later, I lost 10 likes. I messaged him wanting to clarify that these were real likes. If they were real, why were the likes dropping so fast? He promised to fix it and apologized, reassuring me that the likes were real. Fine.

Another hour passes. I drop about 10 likes. I messaged him again saying that I was not satisfied. I was losing likes and it was not worth my $5. I offered to do a mutual cancellation so I did not hurt him with negative feedback.

He says “Please, don’t cancel! I will deliver 15 more likes!” Just lost another 2 likes.

So, he doesn’t want to cancel, I don’t want to be a mean panda because I know how bad negative feedback looks for both of us.

Should I just go ahead and leave negative feedback anyway? :confused: I feel like bad karma points are about to come.


I would try and work it out with the client and if nothing can be done there, I would then contact Customer Support. The key thing is to stay positive and in communication


Wow, Mrs Panda, you gave in WAY to quickly. I just did a Google search and found a bunch of DIFFERENT Mrs Pandas out there. I think whoever it was was just bluffing you. NEVER give in to someone who claims to own something without proof. Also, you could have kept it as long as there was some variation on the name, label, logo anything like that. There are many companies that have the same name as long as there is some way to distinguish one from the other. Of course major names like McDonald’s, Sears, Google, Maytag, etc are really seriously guarded. McDonald’s even tried to get a guy in Scotland named McDonald to change his name because they claimed they owned it. How stupid is that? They lost the case.

BTW, I don’t believe in bad Karma for doing the right thing or what you believe is right. I think bad Karma happens to people who knowingly or maliciously do bad things. Do what you think is right with your problem.


Apparently some maternity clothing line owned the rights to Mrs. Panda. My friend convinced me that it was for the better anyway because honestly, who is going to go to ‘Mrs. Panda’ for a tarot card reading when they can go to ‘Mrs. Trinity’ and ‘Ms. Venus Star Jupiter’ >_>


If you put a negative he will unlike them all really fast. If facebook notice that they will ban your page Soon.


If you’re not happy, I would contact support instead of leaving a negative.


I don’t know for sure. But I think many Fiverr sellers of Facebook likes use the following method:

  1. They are a member of traffic exchange sites. For example, AddMeFast. When you’re a member you can gain credits by watching videos, tweeting, etc. You can convert your credits to get Facebook likes to your page, or whatever you’d like. However, it takes time to sit there and manually do this.


  2. They download iMacros, a free add-on for Firefox

  3. Just plug in your script into iMacros and let it run automatically. You don’t even have to be at your computer. It gains a gajillion credits while you’re cleaning out your sock drawer, and then you just assign credits to whatever sites you want. With the script you can write it yourself, or they sell those on Fiverr too.

    It may be why you’re losing a few likes. I think Facebook is trying to combat this…


It sounds like that person was bluffing - you cannot copyright a name or brand - you can trademark a logo or brand name though, but there are many brands with the same name, but since they work in obviously different industries, they are both able to trademark their brand names. Delta Faucets & Delta Airlines. Delta (the airline) would have a hard time suing Delta (faucets) because customers are unlikely to confuse the two. Now, Delta (airlines) might have a much better case if another airline decided to name themselves Delta too, because their would be obvious confusion.

If someone contacted you and told you that you were violating their copyrighted name, chances are good that they’re full of it, since you can’t copyright a name.

Now, I’m not a lawyer, and trademark law is complicated, but I did not see any Trademark registration for any MrsPanda - you can check here by clicking on the TESS icon:


Reply to @integritymedia: @_@ is that what it is? I had no idea… I had bought ‘likes’ before but that person has long deleted their gig. However, they were actually REAL. The people that liked my old page actually interacted with me and stuff… so I figured, what’s the harm in doing it again.

Reply to @zulualpha: I need more ‘smart people’ like you in my life xD


Reply to @mrspanda: "is that what it is? I had no idea… I had bought ‘likes’ before but that person has long deleted their gig. However, they were actually REAL. The people that liked my old page actually interacted with me and stuff… so I figured, what’s the harm in doing it again."

I don’t know, just guessing…:slight_smile: It does sound like the last seller was better. I hope everything works out with this one.


Meh. I feel like a horrible person but I ended up leaving the negative feedback. :confused: He didn’t want to cancel and after watching the likes he gave me still going down this second, I messaged him one more time asking if they were ‘real likes.’ I said, I can forgive him if they weren’t as long as he is honest with me. He does not respond to me for two days. Okay. I left the negative feedback saying that I wanted to cancel since he did not deliver as he promised. He instantly messages me telling me that he will give me ‘extra 50 likes’ if I will remove the negative feedback. I’m tired of working with him. I gave him many chances to fix it or cancel and he decided to ignore me until I gave him the negative feedback. He claims he was dying in the hospital but he had fulfilled orders in his other gigs. He could’ve at least messaged me back to say he was not well and to wait. I hate doing this, but, oh well.


Sounds like you did the right thing in the end. Don’t feel bad - he sold you something that wasn’t genuine, then failed to respond when you tried to get the problem fixed. Leaving negative feedback when someone provides poor customer service is how you protect other buyers.


To my knowledge, you cannot Copyright a name. Zulualpha is right, issues like this only occur when something is trademarked.

With the internet bubble, and domain buying, numerous cases along this thread have occurred.

For example, there is a famous story where someone bought a domain name, because they heard Donald Trump was releasing a new product. They bought a domain relating to that - hoping to have it purchased from them at a high price later on.

Now, Donald Trump has trademarks, yet he found it incredibly difficult to have the rights on this domain passed to him without having to pay. He claimed trademark infringement, but struggled.

With 144,062,689 domains registered across the .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ, and .US top level domains (TLDs)., you can imagine there is certainly some repetition out there!


Make your buyer satisfied. Do not cancel.


Reply to @sandra4service: … Did you even read the thread?


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these kind of gigs that offer you fb likes or followers are USELESS. they achieve that using third party sites, and list you there to get other people to follow you.

these likes or followers are NOT permanent. you will eventually start loosing them sooner or later, so it’s just $5 down the drain.

generally the sellers that offer these gigs open the gig for 1 or 2 weeks, grab as much money as they can, close it down, and reopen it under a different name :frowning:

been suckered myself :frowning:


I lost my adsense because a ‘social media expert’ claimed to give me 500 views, real views and that he never uses bots, just pure promotion. All his reviews were positive and everyone sounded so happy, some people said OMG THEY’RE REAL! So I tried it, I asked him if they’re real, he said yes. I get 1000 views, I was like WOAH COOL then bam…adsense suspended and even to this day I’m trying to fight it but I can never have my 89 dollars from adsense I made in 4 years. Never can I have adsense again, ever. I ask him about it, try to talk to him…

I NEVER get a response. I sent a customer support thing, no one ever responded. This was over 4 months ago. Now my support ticket isn’t even there. I will never do this again, I thought it was someone promoting on their own pages and such. I thought it was real. After tons of research, and experience from getting screwed over, I finally figured out that almost 98% of these ‘get likes, get subs, get views’ are bots, fake, bad, do not ever do them. EVER. Only do stuff that involves someone promoting you and you promote them. As long as they’re legit and not doing illegal stuff.

I got screwed for nothing.



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