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I'm not satisfied with my logo delivery. What are my options?

Hello, community. I am fairly new to fiverr, and just started using the service this week. I’ve placed two orders at this point - one for a programmer to fix a Joomla issue, and another for a logo. The programmer fixed the bug and I approved the delivery. However, the logo design has been a bit trickier. I have a bachelors degree in graphic design, so I am well versed in the subject matter. I hired this job out as I am currently acting as a CEO for this new startup and wanted to contract out what I could to save time.

The first logo delivery I received wasn’t what I was looking for (I had sent details about color, font type, and what the company does, as well as a number of sample logos I liked so he had a lot of information to go off of). I asked for revision and the second attempt delivered logos that were lower quality than the first. To be clear, this wasn’t a $5 logo. I ordered $120 premium service from this seller. I’m wondering what my options are. I want to avoid giving negative feedback to this seller if possible, but at this point I’m spending more time giving him feedback than if I just designed the logo myself. I’m happy to compromise and pay the designer half to compensate for some of his time, but I’m having a hard time justifying spending $120 dollars for a logo I know I won’t be using. I’d appreciate any options or suggestions you have.

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Logo design is a rather complicated service.

As long as the seller has provided the service according to their gig description you’re not eligible for a refund. For example, if you ask for a minimalist style logo then the seller might as well draw 3 lines and that’s it.
However, if you ask for a logo in blue and they give it to you in pink then you can open a dispute.
Your options depend on what you asked and what was provided. Since we haven’t seen your requirements nor the logo itself it’s difficult to say if refund is an option for you. Even if we did see it, we can’t provide the refund :slight_smile:

I would recommend talking to the seller to see if they agree to cancel the order. If they don’t agree then you can contact customer service. Unfortunately, you can’t reduce the order $ amount It can only be increased by adding additional services.


This is basically how it works. You can always request a refund from the seller but he does not have to give you one as long as he did what he said he would in the gig description.

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I really think talking to the seller is the best option here. Let us know how it works out. What was the issue with the logo, what did you want?

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If you not satisfy with your delivery then you have to redeliver your work.

Yes. I have reached out to the seller to try and resolve. Without going into a lot of detail, the options he sent just either didn’t have anything to do with my brand (what my company does) or were just poor quality design (which I’m fairly well able to assess as I have a degree in graphic design). Perhaps this has just taught me that Fiverr is good for some jobs but not the best for others.


You are not allowed to ask a cancellation if you think that the quality is not good (read TOS).
But you can ask for a cancellation if the seller didn’t deliver a logo matching with your requirements or with the description of his gig.

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Or perhaps it could tell you that picking a seller for a service that you could do yourself is a more difficult thing to do. Working for someone who does what you do is never easy for either one as they will have different ideas.
It is worth noting that the seller you chose is one person and only represents themselves - not Fiverr. With anything graphic design wise I would always start by asking for some (paid) initial sketches/designs to get an idea of what they will do. If it is way off then at least you can move on and the seller has been paid for their time.
Trying to get something done in the manner that you have is at best a long shot I think. Perhaps it is something that sellers should consider - to create initial drawings sketches first before producing the main product. As a graphic designer yourself, I am sure you know that $120 is not expensive for a custom designed logo by industry standards. You clearly were not outraged by the work/design meaning that at least the delivery was in some way professional, even if it didnt match what you were looking for.


Unfortunately Fiverr has no option for half paying amount. The only way is to cancel it. If you are not satisfied with the work then you can ask your seller to open dispute. A single cancellation should not effect his profile if he has maintained it well.

Yes. I’m well aware that one person does not represent Fiverr as a whole, but upon researching options to deal with this issue I came across a plethora of people specifically dissatisfied with logo design from the platform. It seemed possible there may have been a trend. And I did go through this designer’s portfolio. He had produced other designs that were well thought out and executed. I have been point person on evaluating design work produced by other designers a number of times and there has never been a substantial issue there…just some general adjustments and tweaking. Furthermore, I shared these designs with other business owners who agreed with my evaluation of them. As far as the payment, it is true that $120 USD is not a lot for a logo, but in consideration of the country where this particular designer resides, it is a more sizable amount of money.

I am a moderator here - I see all the complaints from buyers about logo design and other things. The vast, VAST majority are those who expected to get a custom designed, original logo for $5. Honestly, it would be funny if it wasn’t so ridiculous. I would not bother going by those kinds of reviews when $5 logos are really for a mom blog or whatever - not for any serious business.
It should also be noted that the sheer volume of logos sold on Fiverr would mean that even with a 5% dissatisfaction rate, there would be tens of thousands of bad reviews - along with hundreds of thousands of positive reviews.

I’m not doubting your opinion of the finished work but the reality is that it is an opinion. You mention that “in consideration of the country where this particular designer resides” suggesting that you come from a different country. Could design culture have been an issue here? I am sure it has to be in some cases. After all, there are huge differences in personal tastes between countries - even within countries - if you consider what an LA tech company and an Ohio farmer would prefer. It’s all subjective, that’s why I suggest the staged approach.

Finally, regardless of where the seller lives, the price is low for logo design. If the seller could charge more for their services then they would most likely do so and charge closer to Western standard rates. There has to be some reason they don’t so whether that is because of design ability/expertise, communication ability, or whatever, it is a falsehood to assume that “oh they are from a poor country so I will get more value from there”.

All that said, I do think graphic design is difficult to order - communication is a huge factor but there are so many other things too, personal taste being a big one.


I agree on some points, but as a designer myself, I don’t design for what my taste is, I design according to what the client has asked me for. This designer stated in their profile they were VERY comfortable with English and that communication was one of their top priorities. I never said that the designer was from a poor country. I said they were from a different country and that the exchange rate was in their favor in this case. If we were discussing a $5 or a $50 logo, the “you get what you pay for” mentality may carry more weight. It’s not my job to set their prices nor are they necessarily indicative of skill set. As a business owner, I constantly see very skilled people who should be charging more but do not and visa versa. If they agree to a job for a set price, that’s up to them.


I know it seems like I am being overly defensive of someone when I dont know the whole story but I am not intentionally doing so. My aim in this conversation is to explain the value of using Fiverr and how to get the most from it. Some complaints I see mention logo designers who used MS paint or whatever but you have obviously not had that experience so the seller does actually do some things right.

My main point is not “you get what you pay for” but that the way this order was done was not a good idea. Starting off getting some rough drafts would have cost $10-30 probably (I don’t know, not a GD) but would have saved you from going beyond that stage.

I just can’t help feeling that to design a logo which is exactly to your taste is a tough ask when you yourself are a graphic designer who presumably is trying to save time by outsourcing the job to someone else. I can’t see that as ever going well. I am not blaming you, I just think the process wouldnt work. If your aim is to save time then how much time would you be willing to spend working with the seller on the design, in communication, etc. Contrast that with a business owner who wants this logo to be perfect but has no design skills themself. That business owner will give as much time as necessary to make it right (or they should) whereas that doesn’t seem likely to have been the case for you.

Re pricing, I agree - sellers set their own price and should deliver what they promise at that price. The thing is, it seems like they have done so but the finished product is not to your taste for whatever reason. Their interpretation of what you wanted is not in keeping with what is in your mind. That can be poor communication (on either end) or lack of understanding on the seller’s side.

So that’s why I feel that this approach was probably not a great experience for you. I respect that you are happy to pay $60 for the seller’s time even if you don’t use what was delivered but to do that it is a bit complicated. You would need to discuss and agree this with the seller. To make it happen, you would then need to place a new order for $60, mark it complete, and then have them cancel the original order. As I said, you will need to have the seller’s agreement to do this as I don’t think you have grounds to get it cancelled by customer support, as other have mentioned.