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I'm not selling anything

try one of my gigs please

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Begging is Probably not the best route to take :tired_face: Promote your gigs - what are they? why should anyone buy them?

Have you tried sharing to social media? Are you sending proposals daily?

I dont think youre going to get a great response here just begging, try working on a few things :slight_smile:


If you do begging then this place, not for you. You should be left the freelancing and try to get a job in your local area around.
If you have skills on your gig try to promote your gig on the social network. Please try working on a few basic things and more active on your gig promoting not begging. Best of luck.

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Oh beautiful Venice!!!

I bet, as poor as you claim being, you’re richer than me :roll_eyes: and this is what I do since a long, long time ago.

Each day I wake up very early - even before sunrise - and go to sleep around midnight. In that way I have plenty of time to do all the things I need to do, including cleaning up my house and cooking. Oh, and Fiverr is just an extra, I have my own real life way of existance.

Try it, it’s not bad once you get acustome to it :grinning:


You need to fix your profile description. Remove the capital letters, and say more about your experience to provide the services described in your gigs, and less about your hobbies.

Have a look at other profiles to see how this is completed but do not copy anyone.

Saying you are poor does not come across as professional and will put buyers off.


Your profile says that you are a selfish person.:joy: Remove the capital letters


It doesn’t matter if you are poor or anything bro :smiley:
“Having no dreams or goals at all makes a person POOR.”
It’s not how much money you have But how much patience and determination you have. I believe you will soon get your first order bro :slightly_smiling_face: Keep thinking positive and working for it to get what you want :grin::+1:

Every Master was once a Beginner.


Exactly! Love that post :sunglasses:

yes it’s not a good way to achieve success in a legal manner. Only thing is the hard work