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I'm Not Stupid (and I wasn't born yesterday)

I had a potential buyer reach out to me, asking if it were possible to help him with his project. He sent me the details, and it’s obvious, he’s trying to get someone to do his school-related project. I turn him down, informing him that it’s not permissible on Fiverr for sellers to do that type of project, as it could lead to our accounts being banned.

Then, he tries to circumvent the process by sending me a dropbox link that states to contact him via his email to discuss the project. Alright kiddo! You’ve been reported. I was going to let it go initially when he tried to get someone else to do his homework but you obviously know that taking contact off Fiverr isn’t allowed either.

If I wasn’t going to risk my account by doing your homework (I wouldn’t have anyway), what makes you think I’d risk it by talking to you OFF FIVERR?! I wasn’t born yesterday!

Reported. Hope Fiverr boots his butt out of here.


It’s always surprising how some people think, usually in these kind of disgusting ways.

Why can’t kids do their own homework?


They will ocassionally try and spin it so it looks very much like a commercial project at first (fake brief and everything) but then forget to remove their teacher’s remarks at the bottom. :slight_smile: Kids.


I didn’t even have to look at the brief (I did), because he asked if I could do it in MLA format. Yeah…no! Not going to happen.

When my husband was in college, I edited his stuff - he researched everything; wrote the paper but I edited it only. I made suggestions on where he could further elaborate on a topic but NEVER did it for him. I only edited his stuff for spelling, grammar and context. Besides, with his topic, there would have been no way I could have done it. The subject - history - bores me. I’ll learn about it, but trying to write a paper for it, I hated the history classes I had to do that for. I made good grades and I earned them but I detested them with a passion.

I’ve never intentionally helped anyone else after that.

KIds need to learn how to write their own stuff - it’s a right of passage and a must!


I know what I went through in college getting all my papers done on time. It never occurred to me to have someone else do it. It’s disgusting to hear that some try to get away with having others do it for them.


I love it how when you say you won’t do something because of a Fiverr TOS issue, some buyers assume that you must be okay with it anyway, but just need to nudge, nudge, wink, wink, take their $5 order to somewhere shady to discuss in secret.

The amount of buyers I’ve had who want to communicate off Fiverr, then message me via FB or Linkedin is just ridiculous. AND they always want more for less and to be a pain by moving you onto some kind of “you work for me now” constantly available time schedule.

I had one this morning (who has not attempted to contact me directly) invite me to apply for an interview via a third-party website. I apparently need to quote him the best possible price and do something funky with Google calendar to sync my availability, then say why I’m the best person for this job out of all the other writers applying.

As it is, anyone desperate enough to apply is definitely not a worthy candidate for any writing job.

People like this are just cheap losers with fewer brains than a garden salad.


And also the guys messaging you "Why should I hire you when there are other freelancers?" - last time I got this message it was two weeks ago here on a client contacting me for the basic gig, simply there is no ROI in replying to such messages.


I had a semi-regular buyer whom I blocked for this very behavior! :wink:

I was swamped and had extended my due dates when he booked a gig with a 3-day delivery time :mantelpiece_clock: and his message when he ordered was, “Quick delivery is expected!”

I responded that I completed my deliveries in the order in which I received them. Furthermore, I had x amount of orders before his. He answered that I was being rude to a regular customer. Well since I have now blocked him he will not be a regular anymore. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


And that will teach him!

I have a buyer at the mo who started out as okay buy has become exceptionally needy and irritating. They send me several messages each day asking for free content marketing/blog ideas. Then they want to know why I have chosen these ideas? Does this really relate to our brand?

When I do not answer asap I get: “? I’m waiting for your reply. We really would like to move forward with this quickly.” Then things become quite passive aggressive.

Finally, I snapped this morning and said that I actually have work to do. they are a basic order client and I think I too will block them after their next order is finalized. People like this are their own worst enemy. ONLY sellers desperate for orders or a chance to prove themselves stand up for nonsense like this. Then buyers wonder why they keep on having bad experience after bad experience.


I got that way yesterday with a client of mine - she’s wanting material every day, but the last few weeks have been rough. Yesterday, I told her if she needed material everyday, she needed to find another seller to work with, as right now, my schedule has become too hectic to do that. I wish I could! There was a time I could. I even offered to cancel the order so she could find another seller. Needless to say, I hadn’t heard from her.

Right now, I’m doing a buttload of articles. I have several orders coming due and I need to get them done. I got behind because I got sick and was working more at the school. I even put my gig on OOO mode twice and, no sooner I"m off of it, I get hit with 2 or 3 new bulk orders.

Blooming hell, I’ve only ordered from you once. :slight_smile:

Sadly this is true and it’s something that’s insanely difficult to get a handle on. When you don’t swoon with delight that a new narc has landed in your inbox for an ego massage, the facade drops and they become passive-aggressive. On an emotional level, this ruins your mindset for the rest of the workday. More worrying, though, is the presence of the report button which might as well be rebranded "Narcissist Chill Out Area. - Click Here for FREE Beer & Feel Good Vibes."

It’s not bad. As freelancers, we are labeled as beggars, they don’t matter people, scammers, and slaves ready to be exploited on a daily basis. - Everywhere


The three E’s of narcissism:

Diminished empathy

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You can block him, great option Fiverr did, blocked like 5 already.

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