I'm not sure there are buyers


I am new at Fiverr, with a gig that I got sober. ie $ 5 to make your banner placed on the site that https://www.1wns.com for 1 month.


Or make a special and permanent page for your youtube video in www.1wns.com, which will be updated automatically when you upload on youtube. ex: https://www.1wns.com/video/cnn


The point I only have space for advertising, and willing to make your banner for free.

But it seems that was not enough, the reason is simple, because I am new at Fiverr.

May be new forever, without a buyer.


Don’t worry you will not be new in Fiverr forever.

Buyer will come eventually. Just have some patience.

Getting sober is good. Congratulations!


Sound nice, I’ll try to be patient with sober ~O)


Reply to @pictureduke: Sound nice, I’ll try to be patient with sober