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I'm not sure this platform is worth it

Ok so here’s my beef with Fiverr.

The only people that ever contact me on this platform are ******** Computer hackers that want to buy my ****** [Fiverr competitor] account. Repeatedly. Everytime I get an e-mail on here the sender is usually no longer available by the time I see it because their account has already been removed, presumably for doing some other shady stuff. This has happened over 5 times in the course of a month or so. This is very annoying and its aggravated by the lack of communication with any legitimate clients.

I get that I have to make the platform work for me, it’s not fiverrs fault that I haven’t got any clients, but the scams are just obnoxious. So, a quandry to my fello fiverrs, is this platform worth it? ****** [Fiverr competitor] seems like a better system to me but they charge a 20% platform fee, then I need to withhold my own taxes out of that, so buy the time its gets to me my hundred dollars has become $64 after I hold Uncle Sam’s cut.

Freelance writing is a lot of work and I am already maintaining a website, a linkedin profile, twitter, facebook, ****** [Fiverr competitor], and I run a store on Ebay so I got my effin hands full ya know? I don’t think this platform is worth the time or aggrivation. Feel free to convince me otherwise.

Bayshore’s Best
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Ok, As far as I could understand.

lack of market integrity
quitting from fiverr

Ok, fiverr will earn with or without you. Simply you can leave.

If you want to stay, you’ll have to be the marketing guy that fiverr needs. This marketplace brings in more future clients through you.

I didn’t mean these to hurt you, but this is the truth.

Best wishes.

Hello and welcome! It apparently is not worth it to you so that’s all that matters. It shouldn’t take any convincing. If that’s how you feel then follow your instincts.

The fee here is 20% and we have to pay taxes on our earnings so that much is the same. But the decision to stay or not is a personal one for each person.

I like how no one has addressed any of my issues they jus basically said if you don’t like it then kick rocks. Thanks for your feed back :unamused:

misscrystal did offer some advice, which I agree with. It’s really a personal choice when it comes to staying or leaving.

The scam thing isn’t super common. While I’ve received some messages about opening accounts on other platforms, it hasn’t really been to that degree.

I will say that it’s a lot tougher to get going here with legitimate clients than it was when I started because of the whole buyer request filtering thing, so if you already have other platforms and whatnot then I wouldn’t put so much into Fiverr.

You asked if this site is worth it and to me and lots of us it is but for you and others it might not be. If you can’t stand the scam messages and are not getting any orders that might make it not worth it to be here. It’s not the right platform for everyone. I’m not sure what would convince you to stay. This site does not work for everyone.
As I said, it shouldn’t take any convincing. You would know if it was going to work for you in a reasonable period of time, say in the first month at least.

I haven’t encountered the problems you have. I have accounts on competitor sites plus I maintain an Etsy and Amazon account. Fiverr makes me more money so far regardless of the fees.

You seem to attract weird scammers for whatever reason. You didn’t read or go by the forum rules and you’ve been abrasive to other forum users. So far I’d say this might not be the right place for you, but as others have said, it’s an individual choice.

I was expecting to look at your profile and see a good amount of time spent here. Something with substance to show how long you’ve been receiving “Nothing but computer hackers”.

Then I saw you just joined the platform last month. Smh

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It is true that you have to make the platform work for you, this platform is very competitive and you have to respond very quickly, send responses on buyer requests and market you gig on social media to bring traffic.

It is also true that there are scammers, spammers, and hackers. I have seen people sending viruses pretending as the file for more details and inviting on other platforms too but their frequency is lower than yours because I think you are already a reputed freelancer on other platforms.

Also, there is a problem with customer support because of their biased behavior etc, but I can vouch for the fruitfulness of your efforts on this platform. You can find various high paying clients and lots of work on this platform simply because this is more popular then any other platform.

You just need to accept these faults and make your way in the system, once you completely grasp how the system works then you won’t feel strange to work here.


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