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I'm not sure what to say

Wow, this is a first for me since joining Fiverr, but I thought I would ask for some advice. I recently had a potential buyer contact me about one of my gigs. Okay, so I answered some questions, but they kept asking more and more. Then they even wanted me to do all this work and all for free. I mentioned to them that I need to get paid for the work and they never bothered to order the gig and this went on for about a month. Just last night, I get an order from them but by that point, I had a feeling that this client wasn’t going to work out because they still refused to pay, but wanted me to do all this work…

Now I see that they placed an order last night, not sure what time, but I must have been sleeping already. Now they want to cancel it because they didn’t hear from me as soon as they ordered. I am going to cancel this order because this client makes me very nervous and they requested a cancellation because they haven’t heard from me and they say to cancel to spare my rating… I have never had a problem like this… can someone please let me know what I should say in the cancellation box? I just don’t know what to say…

Just tell them that you do not work for free and that they have abused the Fiverr ethic whereby all work costs $5. They will go an try to get free work from other people no doubt but will leave you alone. Never do any work for free. $5 is the minimum charge.

Great. Thanks for that. :slight_smile: I canceled the order. I am glad to be done with it. :slight_smile:

Bear in mind also that if you are mutually canceling an order, it won’t affect your ratings! I have the occasional client place double orders and request to cancel and it has no impact.

be careful in future, some buyers can do that to you, expecting to do there work for free.