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I'm not understand

Dear all,
I have been able to deliver 2 jobs so far to a seller, one of which has a 3.5 * review and the second buyer has not given me any review for which I cannot send any buyer request as I do not have 90% positive review in my ID. Now what can I do ??



Is that your first review?

Was there an issue with order? The review looks like it was just meant to hurt you and destroy your profile.

It is sad to see other people hurting others in attempt to “swipe the competition”, pointless activity and spiteful behavior.

I hope I am wrong. But if I am wrong that means you delivered poor quality work.

In that case you should reevaluate your skills and only offer those where you can excel.

You will not be able to send BR until you get 4-8 orders with 4-5* reviews.

Stay safe!


Yes. That’s the point. Very helpful information

My work was 100% perfect but he give me only 3.5*, he was a ******** buyer. so sad.

Mod Note: Country/region reference removed.

Okay, Thanks for your suggestion

and the time ? you sen on time the job ? @shamim6405 Someone give me jsut 1 stat, because i can not sen on time the job, in consequence, he dident pay me, and also give me bad calification, but i sent the job and he get the design.
greetings from @vivi123

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Thanks for sharing your experience.

Strange as the review comment doesn’t really match the 3.3-Star rating.

I thought that possibly there was an issue with the quality of work, but the review comment does not indicate that.

Don’t let it ruin your day.

There are going to be bad reviews regardless of how hard you work.

Plus, it is not fair of you to classify the issue as being related to the Buyer’s nationality.

Shame on you.

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Okay sir, Thanks for your efficient comments.

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