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I'm not understanding why a mutual cancellation would count against me!

Hi. I’m new to Fiverr so I’m still learning the ends and outs of this website. However, I was not aware that a mutual cancellation, which was through no fault of my own, would count against me. The buyer requested a voiceover that was clearly for “commercial use” but refused to purchase the Commercial Use License. When I advised the buyer of this, they said they didn’t want to buy it and asked for a refund. What am I supposed to do? Be a doormat and let people get over on me because they placed an order and blatantly ignored the terms of service? Now it seems like I’m being punished for it because suddenly I’m not getting any orders and my views have gone way down. Any advise for a Newbie on how I should address it? Thanks!


It’s a difficult position to be in. You made a choice between a rock and a hard place.

There is not much you can do in relation to being penalized for a buyer not reading through what your Gig offers before clicking away without a care in the world - because, it doesn’t harm “their” buyer reputation - but, it sure kills a sellers as we have no recourse to this nonsense. I had a client who is really nice, but, ordered something I could NOT perform in 1 day - and had to cancel so she could reorder with the appropriate time frame it would take me. That ONE mutual cancellation took me from 100% down to 98% (I have not had a cancellation in months!) and, in all the orders I have delivered since then, that darn 98 has NOT moved an inch! AS for the “response” time thing - I was at 100% and had ONE I didn’t answer in time, and that took me to 95%! I have been answering all other NEW correspondence within the time frame, and get this - my percentage today went from 95 to 94% LOL I know the thing is counted as your performance the last 60 days, but this is ridiculous to lose 6% points and have only missed one message.



I was also wondering about this to support, and they said in the near future there may be changes to how mutual cancellations work. So let’s hope things change!


Sometimes Clients would just want the order cancelled, they wouldn’t accept any other resolutions. In my opinion Fiverr should change the Mutual Cancellation mechanism. It doesn’t help us sellers.

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You think 6% bad? Since I just joined a little over a week ago and had only 2 orders so far just that one cancellation dropped me down to 50%. That’s practically a death sentence to a brand new seller who hasn’t had a chance to even build a reputation yet on Fiverr. Now I found out that my gig is no longer showing up in the search because of the low rating. How am I supposed to improve the ranking if no one can see my gig? I talked to CS and of course the guy gave me some scripted response that really doesn’t help my situation. Fiverr really needs to put some type of mechanisms in place so buyers can’t place an order without thoroughly reading the gig or at least contacting us directly first. I’m feeling both discouraged and frustrated right now and wondering if signing up on Fiverr was a mistake. :unamused:


Yeah, I feel for you, but, that is how the math works - since you only had 2 orders and one was cancelled, that takes you from 100 to 50. And, yes, it can totally sink a ship that has yet to even push away from the dock! Mutual cancellations for good reasons should NOT harm sellers. We have been saying this forever now.

As for my response rate dropping 6%, I would have to go back into my messages for the last 60 days and count how many I got, and then how many I was late on. I know I made a conscious effort back in January to answer things before they were late, as I was under the 90% for a time and it dropped my level even though I was 100% in everything else - so, it has to be a spam message perhaps that they counted against me that I could not reply to anyways that took me so many points down. It went back up to 95% today, and I didn’t even have any messages. LOL Weird math in this place!