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I'm not WalMart, don't try to "price match" me!

I’ve had like six buyers over the last two days message me to see if I can work on a project for them and once we’re already two or three messages into the chain, they reveal that they’ve got an offer from another seller who can offer more words at a lower price and can’t I match their offer?

No…I can’t. I always try to be polite about telling them that I don’t offer discounts, but if you’ve already found someone offering a lower price (I guess, technically, more work for the same price), why don’t you just order from them, instead of trying to convince me to match it? Is someone out there on the web telling Fiverr buyers this is a good tactic to get discounts? Long gone are the days when this would have worked on me.

Haha, this has also been happening to me lately! I just always politely say, “Man, you should totally jump on that sweet deal! Good luck!” Then they do the, “Don’t you want to beat their price?”

No, no I don’t want to beat their price. You can either pay me what I quoted you at or you can go with that seller that claims to be a best-selling marketer and an online plumber (eh?) at the same time. Definitely go with them, they sound reputable.

That was a long-winded way of saying that I feel your pain.

Just give them the "Fast / Good / Cheap " triangle and tell them they can only ever have 2… :wink:

Hey, I’ve been getting a lot of that too. The past couple of days I’ve done nothing but respond to weird, barely comprehensible messages from strange people who only want to pay a fiver for huge amounts of work. Is there a full moon or something?

I got a good one recently. A customer asked if I would do a double sided poster for $5, because “it’s only one poster, so it should only be one gig. This is Fiverr not Tenerr.” Yeah pal but it’s twice as much work for me if I’m designing two sides.

I just hate when that happens when you are preparing yourself for work and a buyer rudely suggest you go lower, when I go lower is when I offer specials for my old buyers and new buyers, at no time is a buyer is suppose to suggest a price when there’s already a base price for $5 and you tell them what you offer for their price, I can negotiate but don’t bring what another seller will do for the work, smh.

Hey, actually wanted to threw some coins into it. Actually I don’t know what’s wrong, that customers assume they can evaluate how much exactly my work cost.

I have received two not so positive reviews, because my customer considered that my work is expensive and that I am trying to drain them of money. Something along the lines " I love your work, but I will give you 3 stars, because it’s too expensive.

I think fiverr should consider their terms of evaluation of an order. It’s about the quality and not the way I monetary evaluate my work.

When you bid on buyer’s request, do you let buyers know they can make a counter? Sometimes their budget is $10 and I’m bidding $25.

I always say something like: “I always charge $5 for every 1000 words or less.” And those who want to work with me, will, and those who want it cheaper can go for it. I’m really clear on my prices because I know I could charge at least double on another venue. (But Fiverr is worth it to me because of the high volume of traffic.)

I guess if I were less busy I might consider changing something, but not with 10-20 orders in my queue all the time. I share your pain too!

It’s not worth it, and that’s what I tell them. Working for $5 (4 after the 20% taken) is peanuts and to go lower shows I do not value myself or my time. I also tell them that I don’t want them to contact me for work in the future. If you don’t accept their low offer they will expect 10x as much from the work that you do give them to spite you for not taking that “great” offer.

Maybe at the start I was still about adjusting prices and working for peanuts just to get myself out there, but now that I have established some good clientele who trust my work… I really do not accept stuff like these anymore. We deserve to get paid for the prices we offer, if they don’t like to pay the right amount… it’s their problem already… gosh, people these days…

P.S. Love the title of this post! haha :slight_smile:

I think there are also some cultural things built into how buyers approach sellers. In some countries, there is a cultural norm of bargaining. So I would be curious to know where some of these buyers are coming from that are doing that.

My video services are priced at a premium, so I get this kind of feedback on occasion. What I normally say is something like this… “You know, that’s the great about Fiverr, you always have choices!”

This is my #thusie patented line :wink:

"Whoa there, let’s be honest here. You contacted me because you know I’m going to deliver better than most.

So will you please do me a favor and contact the other seller telling them to jack their prices up so I’ll stop looking silly?

In the meantime, let’s add some pictures to your article hmm?"


fiverr is too affordable to give discounts…i always reject that offers

Yeah, what’s with the price matching these days?

I mean, if you’ll contact a seller, you’ll do it because you know he or she offers higher quality than the rest and of course, that’ll come with higher prices. That’s how the rest of the world works, why should it be different on Fiverr?
As emasonwrites said, if those other vendors are so much more affordable, why don’t you order from them?

Reply to @sabiansoldier: Image downloaded :slight_smile:

Reply to @levinewman: haha I like your message, I especially like when buyer’s say I am too pricey and then they return in a day or too saying if I can do the work for them lol.

Reply to @sabiansoldier: totally cool lol!

Reply to @sabiansoldier: SOLVED :smiley: !