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I'm not your Fiverr coach and you can't piggyback!

I’ve been getting so many messages lately of huge congratulations for my Fiverr success and all that is very nice but it’s always followed by some pity plea about how they can’t get started and expect me to help them either by coaching them through the system or actually sending my own customers their way. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so grateful for my success on Fiverr but I’ve worked hard for it! I didn’t piggyback on someone else’s good fortune and I surely didn’t have the nerve to grab up their clients! Worst of all, they act like they’re doing me a favor or that I owe them help because ‘competition will make us all better’! /Rant

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I know exactly how you feel. I’ve had the same thing lately. I’ve gotten to the point of just reporting them for spam and archiving their messages.

I’ve had several new sellers ask me to send them my “overflow” work. I don’t have overflow work and it would be impossible to do so with the Fiverr system anyway. Plus, their work blows.

Ha! Blows is allowed, but s ucks isn’t. Fiverr is funny.

And because one of my biggest gigs is for writing it’s definitely not very encouraging that they send their messages in broken English!!

Reply to @carrieblogger: Haha, maybe that’s why they are having trouble getting sales… I just recently started getting some of the same messages from people since I was featured by Fiverr not too long ago. I sure didn’t get my success by begging others to cast a light on me.