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I'm obsessed with fiverr ;D

Is anyone else addicted like me? After selling successfully now I spend all my time brainstorming ideas on how to get more buyers. Wish I found this website years ago! Haha, oh man @-)

Same here. I’m kicking myself for not moving my freelance biz to Fiverr ages ago. But then again, I DID try out Fiverr a few years ago, but back then they didn’t have gig extras or multiple orders – everything really did just cost $5, which wasn’t really a feasible way to earn a significant income. But the changes they’ve made since then have really made this a great place to work.

I love the forum. I think I am addicted to the forum…

At times I would like to just browse this gigs offered on fiverr with a coffee but every time, I just end up commenting… :wink:

Best Of Luck

:slight_smile: Joe

The Creative Guys

TBH i dont log in that often unless i got orders or i get an email notification about a message etc. Because im trying to improve my skills i gotta be busy. Practice makes perfect :slight_smile:

<3 biancha

Duds and dudeds …Hi my name is Mimie and I am addicted to Fiverr! The app is not making it any better…sight @-)