I'm offering free Articles :)


I’m offering 1 free 500 word article to every new client :slight_smile: No need to order to get the free article. I started working on fiverr a long time ago and I achieved a level 2 status with a 100% positive rating. To devote my whole attention to my studies and complete graduation I had to halt my services for about a year as my parents are very strict . So now I’m back again but It feels like I’m starting all over again.

I know that there are a lot of scammers and that’s why I want to offer value first. Check out my GIG and kindly read the PDF attached to know about the various types of articles I offer in my Gig. Then contact me regarding this matter and I will gladly write 1 article for you for free. You will get the exact service I offer for $5, for free. All I want is to gain your trust and I hope you will like my article and order from me sometime again :slight_smile:

You have nothing to lose, so why not contact me ?


Hard work should never be given away for free.


Thanks for your concern :slight_smile: I understand that but I’m not getting any orders right now. So I think by offering value to my clients first, they will genuinely feel how sincere I am and I may land up in a long term business relationship with a client :slight_smile: I’m investing my time to create new opportunities for long term .