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I'm Oludamsam, a new seller and here is my gig. I want to know if it can attract buyers



Hi Oludamsam, Welcome to Fiverr. Good luck with your new journey.:grinning::grinning:


Thanks alot minhaz_faisal


You look a lot like Justin bieber you know…


Not sure if the mugshot from when he was arrested for DUI is a good photo to use - the happy grin suggests that he may have been still under the influence when it was taken.


I’ve seen many sellers use photos of celebrities, athletes, models, politicians etc,but this is the first time I see someone using a mugshot…


I still wonder why people are more confident using celeb pictures (this is even a mugshot, sigh) rather than their actual self.
That is an interesting mindset.


A first time for everything, right?