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Im on first page of Social Media Design but no sale

I’m a Level 2 Seller,
I once used to have 5-6 orders per day. But from august i get very less orders. One order in two-three days.

I’m on the very first page of social media design. But the sales have decreased.

I’m not sure what wrong i did, i got 5 star ratings always, my buyers were very happy with my work.
I think nothing can be done, fiverr marketplace is so unpredictable anything can happen.
you can be king and then after few days you will be nothing.

So Guys always keep it as a side income and don’t plan to have it as a full time job, However i have seen one guy he is from my country and he has 15-16 Orders per day. he says he is a full time freelancer on fiverr. I guess he is very lucky to still have so many buyers, when i started he got 5-6 Orders per day. Now he gets 15-16 Orders a day. When ever i see his Order queue its 15-16. Which makes me feel bad.

I still stay online here and when i get any order i try my best to satisfy buyer.

Hows sales going on for you guys.

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