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I'm on fiverr for more than 3 months


I’m on fiverr for more than 3 months and got only 2 orders, Is there anything wrong with my gigs?


Try to promote your gigs in social networks like facebook, twitter, pinterest etc… it will converts very well…



Hi, Your gigs are kind of dreary. As @kjblynx points out, you need to have better gig photos that are vibrant and better represent the gigs. A Facebook icon doesn’t represent what you do.

With your low ratio of 50%, you need a damage control and clean up campaign. I’d pick just 1,2 or 3 closely related gigs and suspend the rest. Work on the remaining 3, new photos, new descriptions, new tags, new outside marketing. You’ve got to sell a bunch of orders and get 100% on each one to counter balance your overall low level.

It’s doable, but will take time… and patience.



Reply to @voiceoverwork: Hi, The 50% is because I got only two orders, one was successful, in the other one the buyer’s orders didn’t meet the requirements, When I told him he got pissed and cancelled the order, rated 0% and wrote a negative comment.


Just solved the rating problem, I’m really happy, 100% positive rating again :smiley:



As of 11:02am east coast U.S. I see you have a 50% overall rating.

Honestly, you still need to work on your gigs.


Keep trying Khaledxx, I’m in the same boat and I am getting picked on by one of the higher rated sellers


Reply to @voiceoverwork: maybe it takes some time to be updated everywhere, I’m sure it’s 100%



Yep. It is now! 2:42pm



As @rooneyyenoor says “keep trying”.

However, your OP asks, “Is there anything wrong with my gigs?” and two Sellers made an attempt to answer you. I think they offer some good advice on how to tweak up your gigs.

The first hurdle was the low rating. That’s fixed, but it probably wasn’t the only reason you “got only 2 orders”.

Getting started on Fiverr is not easy. Going 3 months without orders leads one to think there may be something in need of change about the gigs you offer.

No one is picking on you, just trying to offer some help.

Good luck!


promote your Gigs here … :-c