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Im Only Beginning...But I think I Found the Key To Making Money on Fiverr

So I’ve really only been active on Fiverr for the last month and 2 weeks. Ive only made like $60 or so dollars this month, but I believe I know the Key.

  1. Attractive Thumbnail
  2. Short Title
  3. Look at Any Top Seller’s Gig Description and edit the details for you. (They are doing everything right, so copy them)
  4. Finally, going the extra mile. Give the buyer constant updates on the progress of the gig, even offer edits or suggestion opportunity to the buyer. They need to feel they are getting more for that they paid for. Return customers will be high, and new customers will flow in also.
  5. Another final one… Keep your gigs up to date. If your world domination has gone up by 3%, change this on your gig description!

    What do y’all think?

Never ever copy someone else gigs description, or your gigs will get removed by fiverr if you get reported. Beside, why would buyers choose the new copycat gigs instead of choose the top rated seller gigs with the same description?

It would be better if you offer something unique and “better options” that those top seller don’t offer.

Hey everyone, so it seems that this feed has gathered quite a lot of attention… so let me clarify.

The whole copy & paste thing was not communicated as well as I wanted.

We all know that the way something looks changes how we feel about it. This was where I was going with it. If a top rated seller has a really aesthetically pleasing gig description, I’m gonna replicate it.

Never would I take someones idea for a gig, and change some words here and there to make the same gig with different words. Rather, I wanted to enhance the simplicity and effectiveness of my own gig when the traffic comes.

If you look at my gigs, they are totally unique. No-one has gigs like mine. The content is 100% original and unique.

p.s. I saw a logo design seller’s description… it was really simple and easy to read, so I used it as a template, and wrote unique information about my GOLF teaching Gig. Two totally opposite sectors, and therefore no plagiarism is possible.

I really like what you’re getting at here…like a lot of products or services, buyers are attracted to photos/videos, so I know what you’re saying with the thumbnail and title.

Keep it up! I’ve had a lot of success on Fiverr, and it seems like you are on the right track. One thing I cannot emphasize enough though is customer satisfaction…Happy Buyer makes a Happy Seller! Make sure you deliver exactly how the buyer wants, and even throw a free bonus in there to suprise them and keep them coming back.

Best wishes man

Reply to @legitbestcovers: Absolutely! Thanks for commenting!

Going the extra mile is really important–great tip!

Just FYI, if you copy someone’s gig description word for word, even if you edit some parts out or switch your name in for the original seller’s, the original seller can alert customer service and they often remove the gig. I’d suggest, instead, looking at the structure and keywords used and writing a description totally unique to your gig. Even if you offer basically the same services, Fiverr is a little bit like Google, in that unique content performs better than copied content.

I like your tips, except the copy and paste thing.

Man, I don’t think plagiarism is a good idea at all… Last time I checked it is also illegal…

lewiswjackson said: 3. Copy & Paste Any Top Seller's Gig Description and edit the details for you. (They are doing everything right, so copy them)

Are you joking? You shouldn't copy anyone's description, high-rated or not. Be original, unique, offer more. Don't imitate other peoples success.

I've read your profile, and you mentioned in more than one place that you're a "Top Rated Seller". Clearly, you've copied your description from someone else. I recommend removing it before you get yourself into trouble.

lewiswjackson said: Copy & Paste Any Top Seller's Gig Description and edit the details for you. (They are doing everything right, so copy them)

There are numerous threads on the Forum warning against this. One of Fiverr's main tenets is gig "uniqueness". It's only a matter of time before copycat gigs are reported.

I find it simply amazing that Fiverr sent an e-mail out and picked this thread for “Stories From The Community”. Do they even read this stuff? Are they really condoning plagiarism? Is anyone really at Fiverr headquarters, or were they all replaced with mindless robots?

They probably just read the title and decided it sounded inspirational to newbies!

I don’t think he’s talking about plagiarizing. he’s suggesting use a good description as an outline. Clearly, just using synonyms is still plagiarizing, but we all use other people’s work to build and expand all the time. Good post (since I’m looking at this from the buyer perspective).

Thanks for the advice. Just getting started here can be very tough

Fiverr: apply cold water to burned area.

Copying gig description of others? that’s sure shot plagiarism and hurt others. Why would you want to do that? Why not be original and unique with your offer?

I have been for about 2 years in the site but only in the lasts months I start to sell. I must say that the tips given here are true, but the Copy&Paste… I do something that could be similar but not considered as plagiarism: I read the description of various sellers that offer the same thing, then based in that I make my own description, using them just as a guide. And definitely you must keep in touch with your costumer all the time, they love that!!

Here is my tip

  1. Above all of that I think you need to over a good service and something people need, as much as awesome as you make your thumbnail, gig title or description look you are not going to make sales unless they need your product. I made 830 dollars in my first three months on Fiverr. (Its been around a steady $300 each month)

  2. Offer larger projects, I had one single client that made me 200 dollars as he wanted a full soundtrack. We agreed on the terms and we were both happy with the end result. If you offer small video editing, make yourself approachable for full editing projects that would be in the cost of hundreds, and so on, You get the idea.

  3. Communication is key, I have the app and respond to all messages usually within a hour. I consult with my clients about the project I am working on offer them as many revisions as needed. While this sometimes means I make 5 revisions for a guy that does not know what he wants and is rude, It also means I get more happier clients and returning customers.

  4. Above all everyone here is human, keep this in mind, you are not a robot and they are not at a customer at a retail store. The reason freelancers are great is because you can talk to them personally, I make it a priority to talk to each person and customize the track instead of just creating music like a robot.

  5. Look professional but approachable. I saw similar gigs to mine, which none of them have actually been as successful even though some of them offer even more, and my guess is its because of their appearance. I link people to my website for them to get a immediate look at my samples and my persona. I made sure my video does not include any weird animation and that I was dressed normally as well as showed of my skills.

    Just so that people get a idea, I have not done any outside advertisement as I am not looking to get more work as I am doing currently. I am mainly trying to expand my portfolio and get a good demo reel together, but I still have a perfect review score and a lot of orders coming in.


    Jeremy Vajko

    Sheriff’s Note: Posting Off Fiverr links is not allowed.

Yeah got to say,

lewiswjackson said: Copy & Paste Any Top Seller's Gig Description and edit the details for you. (They are doing everything right, so copy them)

That is REALLY bad advice right there.
emasonwrites said: Just FYI, if you copy someone's gig description word for word, even if you edit some parts out

Apparently Fiverr approves of copying and pasting other people's gigs. I just got an email blast and this post is featured!

Reply to @blackfolder1: I saw that and it’s terrible! They sent out an email supporting the copying/pasting of others’ gigs!