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I'm overbooked, be back soon

Isn’t it lovely?

It’s my first time, I’m overbooked :smiley:
Did you ever dreamed yourself working like a gnome, when you saw that little switch on your profile.

Did you make it real that dream already?

say hi and share some with us.


Me too, I switched yesterday! For 2 weeks. :sunny:


that mean you’ve got a big fish right? ^^,
Gratz mate :v:

Mine says “You are overbroke”
Just kidding :slight_smile:


Happy problems! Cant wait till i get to your level. What was your experience first starting out? Did the first and second orders come quick? Any tips?


My first order took 45 days. Some sellers get orders quickly some wait for a year and still do not have orders.

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Hi Yakub,

i suggest you to create “i will edit your ae templates” gig too.
i admire your passion but both your voice and your profile picture could give some hesitate to clients probably aged +35. I already admit that your generation doing amazing things on all over the world.
But unfortunately most of your clients from here will judge your skills by your age :confused:

You can get rid of this annoying point of view with simply 2 things;

change your profile picture with a different thing.
change your gig’s voice over with a adult voice.

You are talented and clever. I believe you’ll rock this site in close future ^^,

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