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I'm Pretty Sure This is the Worst Retweet Ever

I was just scanning (spying) through what my evil sister has been up to this Christmas. (We don’t talk because she is evil.)

In the process, I’ve stumbled upon what I think is the most unfortunate retweet ever.


I used to think I was bad. Now I’m wondering how many people my sister psychologically slaughtered this festive season.

Can anyone do better than this?

She’s a total pill. :pill: I can’t put into words how awful that is.
You had to develop your psychic side to endure that.


It’s ok, these days there is always at least an Atlantic ocean between us. We repel each other like magnets.


I’m pleased I’m not the only one who gets those. My Christmas emails go like:

“I had some teeth pulled, my GF ran off with a gay man, and my sinks blocked.”

Christmas emails I receive are all “Hello from Toronto,” followed by rambling stories of new house purchases, pedigree puppies, and new God-like children coming into the world.

I don’t even bother to reply saying how I’m quite happy with my Chihuahua.

Social media makes everyone toxic. Friends and relatives just condense relationships into a constant game of one-upmanship. I just choose not to play the game and remind anyone who pushes too far that they’re the one on anti-depressants. - It’s cruel, but the scary thing is, it always works.

I have a brother-in-law like that.

Your GF running off with a gay man? That’s rough.