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I'm quiete paranoid

What if the buyer sends us infected files? How can we protect? :thinking:

Simple. Install anti-virus software that scans downloads.


Infected files? You’re not paranoid. Sometimes I get so paranoid I think I’m Joanna Lumley trapped in a very long-running Avengers epoisode.

Simply don’t download or open executable files and you should be fine.


The tips above should do what you are looking for, but if you want to go one step further you can add the following steps:

  1. add malwarebites, ccleaner or similar and let them check your machine regularly
  2. install a VM like OSBox and add some linux distribution to it , then only open buyer files in that VM ( a VM is like a program that acts like it is a physical machine and thus a virus will only infect the program not your actual PC).

Hope this helps