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Im quitting Fiverr forever

I will start with a big thanks to this website for all the experiences that i got, all the amazing memories, and all the benefits.
I worked on Fiverr for 5 years as a voice-over/singer. i had many issues selling on Fiverr, but I didn’t take it so seriously
since i started on Fiverr and the website is always in the side of buyers. they never step in to help the sellers if an issue happens
well, im not here to say much i just want to tell you guys that i completed an order with a buyer, he was so happy with the work(it was so hard and tiring to make) everything was good he marked the work as completed and gave me 5 stars review! "btw i only get 2 orders a month or once or even never "
after one week i got this mail! Capture (see the picture attached even they say after we can’t help on this)
im really sorry it may look stupid but i swear i don’t care about the money i only care about the way they treat sellers and give their all to serve buyers.
I will never forget how it was fun and great these 5 years on Fiverr but im so tired to handle more of this
Thank you.


Don’t do it.

This looks like a chargeback. This is where a buyer reverses payment with their bank and is largely out of Fiverr’s hands.

Also, you have a good voice and make really clean sounding voice overs. Don’t quit. Stay, bite the bullet, and maybe look at tweaking your gigs to help increase the number of sales you make each month.

You can also contact Fiverr with proof that you delivered this order and ask that they petition the legitimacy of any chargeback. That might not be of any help. Whatever you do though, don’t quit, as you may come to regret this.


Please don’t quit over this. It happens to all of us at some point. Send a screenshot of the 5 star review you got from them to customer support and there is a chance they can help you.


You think of quitting because you are still very angry.
Take a deep breath, relax about two to three days, think of those wonderful memories with some of your wonderful clients in the past five years.

Trust me, you will have one or two reasons to stay put.


Don’t quit… Take your time

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that has happened to many of us. You could try to contact customer support once more about this with the relevant screenshots attachements. My experience is that cs helps sellers in need :slight_smile: They have “saved” me from difficult buyers lots of times. But maybe they need more information to help you.

Anyway, all the best!