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I'm quitting Fiverr

I’m 100% agree with this, Basically, Fiverr CS is biased for the buyer in almost all the cases. but again, If you get 20 orders and 1 such order, you should be fine. Treat this as a small business where CS is the government or supreme court. If they say something is wrong, one way or the other you have to obey as long as you’re a citizen of that country (in this case as a seller on Fiverr), So losses are inevitable. As you stated in the post, If you’re quitting, that’s the best you can do if you don’t like how this Fiverr government works.

It doesn’t matter. I am a writer, and I had someone that ordered without my consent, sent minimal requirements, and then the real requirements came after 3 revisions. Then they told me I have too many orders anyway, they want to cancel, I won’t feel the $5 loss.

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You have to deal with this kind of s**t in business all the time. It’s part of being an entrepreneur. You can’t just quit every time you get a bad client. Even if you had a “real” job, you’d still have to deal with doing days of work for your boss to just rip it up and say it isn’t good enough. That’s life.


Totally Agree, but people tend to be more serious when it comes for translations and so on.
Video editing is totally different, since its not only 2 factors, word count and few more things.
Video editing can be in millions of different factors.

But i actually dont care about that 10% of cancellation since most of the time i am overbooked and i am just part time worker here on fiverr. Since i have my own media agency where i have to shoot commercial projects and so on. So fiverr is only my side job.

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For you its a 5 usd loss, for me its most of the time 20x more than your 5 usd :slight_smile:

Fiverr always give priority to the buyers. I have no problem in it. But It should minimize and need some more terms and condition for buyers. So that a buyers can’t misuse this benefits.

If its an easy work perhaps it’s ok. But if the work require u to spend hours I don’t think it’s wise to start working without confirming the order


That’s an interesting strategy. I however prefer the opposite for my Fiverr business. I can’t see myself putting aside time to work on someone’s order without being officially ‘in business’ with them. If I did that, and they decided they didn’t want the item anymore, or found someone else, or spent the money they were gonna use to pay me, etc. then it means I utilized time working on something I’m not even getting paid for now. The contract means I get paid once the work is done. So, I work for them during this time period because they’ve already agreed to pay me. An official commission is a good thing. I would only accept work with a handshake agreement to be paid later from good friends or people I’ve known for years.

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I do not agree with the first part you talked in your thread. Since Fiverr actually do a nice job from their side and that’s why most of the time we do survive in this world. We all have ups and downs, but make sure to go to your aim and remember, there are always be obstacles that we have to be mindful and get the best possible option when it occurred. If you are trust in your work, don’t let it go away, find the best way to make up to the top and clean out the loopholes which you find time to time. We always learning and hope this lesson will be a one of the best thing you will not do the same mistake again. I have seen you got so many replies from other parties here and they have given you so much clues to get up and move on with your Carrier.

Hope this will help you to think this issue with a different perspective and make it worth!

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